WIDEN: Drive Green Behavior and Social Responsibility

Eliminate the confusion behind source sorting and the barriers to recycling through integrating WIDEN to your waste management services mobile app to allow your users identify recyclable waste; promoting green social behavior.

WIDEN is a waste identification API that you can seamlessly connect to your waste management services mobile app to enable your users to scan and identify the waste, its type, and the container to sort in. WIDEN identifies the recyclability of a certain waste item according to the local recycling program in a given area.


Improve Purity of Recyclables

Guide your users on proper disposal of waste items to minimize contamination at source and improve the value of collected recyclables.

Boost Awareness & Source Sorting

Utilize digital technologies to put the knowledge in the hands of your users to help them enhance their recycling behavior and increase source sorting rates.

Save Time & Cost

Vacate manual replies to your customers about the recyclability of materials and channel your resources to where they're needed the most.


Step 1

API Integration

Connect your waste management mobile app to WIDEN's API to enable the smart detection of waste items.

Step 2

WIDEN In Action

Users scan waste items & are notified if they are recyclable & accepted within your recycling program

Step 3

Throw It Right

Users take the right decision to throw the waste item in the right bin.


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